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    World Titanium Resources - Les Michalik, Project Director

    We were very impressed with the navigation simulation workshop prepared and operated by BMT JFA using their in-house vessel simulation software. This exercise not only opened our eyes to many port operations challenges for which we had not yet anticipated but presented us with practical solutions to achieve our intended outcomes.

    Letter of recommendation.


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    World Titanium Resources - Mr Bruce Griffin, CEO

    BMT JFA Consultants provided expert input into the design and selection of the preferred export port option for our Ranobe Mine Project in Madagascar. They then developed and are currently coordinating marine and geotechnical studies to enable detailed design of the preferred option. BMT JFA Consultants possesses deep port engineering knowledge and experience and was able to apply this knowledge effectively to enhance our project.

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    Lycopodium - Mike Westlund, Study Manager

    We have been most impressed by the way BMT JFA Consultants have met our needs for this work, and commend BMT JFA Consultants on the quality of the report you produced in a very short time. Hopefully, we will be able to work together on a more substantial exercise in the future if not on this study.

  • Southdown Grange Resources - Fernando Moutinho, Project Director

    BMT JFA Consultants has been instrumental in the successful completion of the marine works component of the Feasibility Study for the Southdown Magnetite Project. The company brought a wide range of coastal and port engineering knowledge and experience to the table which was applied in a practical and thorough manner to the challenges our project presented. BMT JFA Consultants was able to add value from day one and has ensured that the Feasibility Study designs were innovative and economically sound.

  • Shark Bay Resources

    Shark Bay Resources - Ken Grinter, Production Manager

    BMT JFA Consultants assisted in selection of the technique that would be best suited to economically achieving the desired end result. I am sure we would not have been able to complete the project as economically and successfully without their assistance. The company and their employees always exhibited the highest level of professionalism. SBR was totally satisfied with the performance of BMT JFA Consultants over the whole project.

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    ProMet Engineers - Jigar Sheth, Senior Study Manager

    BMT JFA Consultants was engaged to provide engineering and design support for marine related works for the Esperance Port Multi User Iron Ore Facility. I thank you sincerely for your commitment to the project given the very strict deadlines. The quality of engineering, tender process management and feasibility report was excellent and has contributed to a successful outcome, ahead of time and within budget. The team led by Rhys Jones had a diverse range and depth of experience, making them our first choice for similar works.

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    Albany Port Authority - Brad Williamson, Chief Executive Officer

    BMT JFA Consultants was used to provide expert advice on an extremely complex damages case involving munitions dumped in the Albany Port. The work involved detailed analysis of contracts, reconstruction of events and the development of remediation strategies: all this work was tested under cross examination in the Supreme Court. Without doubt, the success of the case (through favourable settlement) for the port was largely due to the work of BMT JFA Consultants .

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    Port Hedland Port Authority - Andre Bush, CEO

    Many thanks for all the reports and a very successful project outcome for PHPA, ahead of time and well within budget with an expectation of significantly greater than 200 mm additional draft achieved. I look forward with great expectation to the outcome of the TSHD campaign with the Nile River in the coming weeks to see what draft we will actually secure. I would like to extend the thanks of both management and the board of PHPA to BMT JFA Consultants for a job very well done.

  • Esperance _port

    Esperance Port Authority - Colin Stewart, Chief Executive Officer

    The Esperance Port Development project won five prestigious awards including the Institution of Engineers Award for Engineering Excellence* in 2002. The Authority also won the Australian Port of the Year Award in 2003. This is testimony to a tremendous team effort made by both the staff of the Port and its Consultants, including BMT JFA Consultants.

    *BMT JFA Consultants was a joint recipient of the Institution of Engineers Excellence Award for the environment.

  • Gillett _preston

    Gillett Preston & Associates - Garry Preston, Founding Partner

    BMT JFA Consultants experience on the contract strategy to be used was among the key elements in seeing two fishing ports designed and constructed in remote areas of PNG. Jesz Fleming was the Wharf Engineering specialist to the PNG National Fisheries Authority's Fisheries Development project.

  • Landcorp

    Landcorp - Tracy Power, Senior Project Manager

    LandCorp needed specialist dredging advice and a willingness to give complete commitment to a difficult job. BMT JFA Consultants provided that commitment and delivered the project on time and within budget.

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    GHD Consulting Engineers - Russell Radford, Operations Manager, Major Projects

    Many thanks for your assistance with this project (AMC Wharf Development Phase 1D) which has contributed to its successful outcome. In particular your quick turn around in producing the colour coded differences plans from the hydrosurvey data was much appreciated.

  • Cockburn _cement

    Cockburn Cement Limited - Dave Crossley, Environment and Shell Sand Manager

    BMT JFA Consultants undertook to project manage the deepening project at the Reclaimer Jetty which had a finite window for dredging. Dredging started on time and was completed well within the timeframe and budget. A job well done.

  • Dpi

    Department for Planning and Infrastructure - Cleve Flottmann, Senior Maritime Engineer

    Recognising the experience and skills of the personnel within BMT JFA Consultants, the Department has high expectations of its performance. BMT JFA Consultants has met these expectations and has always displayed a desire for continuous improvement. The contract with BMT JFA Consultants is considered to be returning value for money, to the extent that BMT have again been appointed as the Department's Engineering Consultant for all of its dredging requirements in the State.