Mini Consultants Sports Olympics

BMT JFA Consultants claims Victory.

Hail the Mountain Of Gnomes Award (Mini Olympics Event)

Congratulations to those that made the effort to join the team, throw themselves into the melting pot and go for Olympic Glory (mini, small, minute – as the case may be!).

So first of all the congrats to:

Jake Costin, Justin Fifield, Jonathan McKay, Joel Bailey, Hamid Fanaie, Brad Saunders and Stuart Ross.

The day started well as the convoy of cars, led by Hamid and his GPS, ended up visiting the water treatment plant rather than the sports venue. After some in depth analysis of the address and directions, (which identified that we had driven right past the place) we arrived, full of anticipation and excitement.

We were met buy the event organiser (Rachael) and directed into the Olympic Arena. Large netted cages, with no apparent doors, led to a little anxiousness, bit as other team members and the opposition arrived the competitive nature started to bubble up and soon we were ready to Go for Gold.

The event started with an All In Dodge Ball fiesta mayhem. The group was split in two, put in a netted cage and given multiple yellow foam balls to throw at each other. A fantastic ice breaker as everyone seemed fired up to ‘take out the opposition’. Hamid did an excellent non catch as one of the bullets from Stuart bounced square of his chest. Joel, a wiley character, showed some awesome dodging skills and was often left alone on the court as his team were shot down around him. After the sweat was broken, and nothing else, the group was divided into teams.


(Photo by Rachael Hillman, BMT Oceanica Consulting)

Ultimately this led to confusion at the end when BMT JFA Consultants was proclaimed winners when more than half the winning team was Oceanica? (Maybe just a non subtle ploy for BMT JFA Consultants to organise the next event).

However, teams were set and the games began. Football and hockey were the games to play and a round robin format matched each team against the other.

Some great skills were shown in both games by BMT JFA Consultants team members with Jonathan a stalwart in the winning team with Joel and Justin showing off some fantastic ball control skills. Jake was wicked with the hockey stick and everyone put in the hard yards to try for victory at every turn. There was no quarter given when company teammates faced each other, but there is a consequence when you run into a wall that should not be run into (that right Justin?).

After the sweat, goal celebrations, goal saving celebrations and the final whistle had gone the combative teams started to mingle and slake their thirsts with complimentary beers and wine and soft drinks. This was supported by the arrival of a selection of pizzas to restore the energy levels lost in the heat of competition.

As the buzz of conversation of contented players filled the bar area the prize giving began.

MVP for the girls was given to Julia (Oceanica) for her continued perseverance and indomitable spirit as goal keeper against some strong and committed attackers.

Stuart (BMT JFA Consultants) received MVP for the boys for motivating his team (and keeping his competitive nature in check).

Rachael handed out medals and awards with good grace and then delivered the killing blow.

“As BMT JFA Consultants are the winners, Congratulations. We look forward to the next event – which is arranged by the winning team!!”

Receiving the Mountain of Gnomes took the sting out a bit but not half as much as when Stuart delegated the next arrangement to Jake in front of the group. Well done Jake!

Other items of note were the dedication of Jon and Jake to stick to the task even though they ripped apart their shorts (in fact, Jake ripped apart 2 pairs, some his own and the some of Brad’s??)

BMT spectators were championed by Brad (although alone, he was up to task and gave our players support and encouragement).

We look forward to defending our Trophy (and should thank Tim for keeping the Gnome thing going as awards in the BMT JFA Consultants' Office).

Rumour has it that the next event should be beach volley ball (?), football, touch rugby with a bbq and eskies full of beer.

Go the Events Committee!

The afternoon was well spent as agood interactive event with a bunch of good guys and gals from Oceanica.

Thanks to them all (especially Rachel) and we look forward to taking it to them again to retain our Olympic Glory and Mountain of Gnomes.

Written By: Stuart Ross BMT JFA Consultants